Pilot Study 1

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Phonics Club proudly announces that in collaboration with Jolly Learning Limited, a leading phonics program provider; it has started working on the project aimed at improving the level of English in Pakistan. Jolly Phonics will be trialed for one year. The wonderful literacy project endorsed and supported by Chris Jolly will provide children in 6 estate schools with materials and training for learning to read and write in English.

This project is initiated to demonstrate that a change of methodology can bring a huge difference in the lives of children.It was felt that there is a dire need to redirect or rephrase teaching strategies in pre and primary schools. As it has been neglected previously. Phonics approach need to be followed up after kindergarten and to be used in grade one onwards.Jolly Phonics is a comprehensive 6 year program embedding phonics, grammar, spelling and punctuation teaching throughout your school .It enables your children to achieve outstanding proven results in literacyhis pioneering experience involves one class in each school , teachers receive training and personal consultancy from our Jolly Learning trainer Ms Fatima during the first year of introducing Jolly Phonics.

These schools are  implementing Jolly Phonics in grade 1 , under close instruction by our certified Jolly Learning trainer Fatima  and they all agree that the training and her expertise was very beneficial for their teaching and their students.

List of 6 Pilot Schools

  • Alrasheed Ideal School
  • Ahmad grammar school
  • Mumtaz School of Education
  • English grammar School
  • Faran grammar School
  • Decent Public School

See Report, for more information see press release and related news here.