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The Regional Educational Laboratory  assists the educationists in using data and research evidence to address high-priority education needs in the region. We conduct our work through research alliances, which bring together educators, policymakers, researchers, and others with the goal of improving student outcomes.

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Our research program is dedicated to solving significant educational problems and improving teaching and learning through research,research-based resources and professional development.It provide applied research and evaluation, technical support, and information and products to inform education policy and practice. Program’s primary mission is to help states and school districts systematically use research and data to answer important issues of policy and practice with the goal of improving student outcomes. These issues reflect high-priority regional needs that are also of major national significance.

The  Educational Laboratories  work in partnership with school districts, state departments of education, and others to use data and research to improve academic outcomes for students. Fundamentally, our mission  is to provide support for a more evidence-reliant education system through many research reforms:

  • Trial programs
  • Measuring student Impact through surveys.
  • Identifying and Assessing English language learners with and without learning difficulties.
  • Teaching Academic Content and Literacy to English & Language Learners.
  • Identifying curriculum integration strategies to improve language instruction.
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