Pilot Study 2

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This project is initiated to raise literacy standard in Pakistan through trials and then national roll-out through Jolly Phonics Program which is a proven method of accelerated learning for English language. Designing and rolling out literacy and keeping the momentum going until the mission is accomplished will try every nerve of nation. All tiers of the government and all segments of the society has to go on a war footing before Pakistan can overcome literacy and set a firm foot forward towards a better tomorrow.

Finally let us not forget that responsibility will rest on the shoulders of policy makers, curriculum planners and leading educational organizations. Are we one of them? Are we prepared to play our part? If not_ we should better consider the cost of doing nothing.

According to annual status of education report 2012 by ASER children of grade 3 are unable to read and write in English due to education malpractice. This is the root cause of illiteracy in school going children .If a child is not able to read and write at the age of 9 ,his/her IQ level drops dramatically .It can further lead him/her towards less responsive attitude and then children tend to shut down from educational exposures around them.