Education For All

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Phonics Club has started many programs to support learners from different backgrounds:

  • Teacher Resource Centre
  • Roshni Maktab
  • Let’s read through synthetic phonics
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Adult Literacy Programs
  • Hotline (Language Clinic)
  • Let Girls Read Program
  • Reading for children with Learning Difficulties
  • Hotline
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Whether you decide to take on a structured volunteering role as an individual volunteer or a group of volunteers help promote our vision on online forums, or distribute flyers and brochures from our volunteer kit, you will play an integral part.  No matter what capacity you choose to volunteer in, we thank you for supporting our mission to end educational inequity.

Become a Virtual Volunteer

If you are a social media person, have strong online networks, or simply have limited time to spare and want to get involved,  virtual volunteering could be the answer. We have noticed that much of the interest in education has been generated by our strong presence on online social networks. At this stage what would help us the most is if you could take the following actions:

  • Like our Facebook page
  • Spread the word about our work through your online networks
  • Encourage people to visit the our website

Volunteer Kit:

To request a volunteer kit containing brochures and flyers for dissemination on your institute or social circle, please email at

If you are passionate about addressing the cause of education inequity and possess excellent organizational and communication skills, this could be a remarkable opportunity for you to learn, grow and make a difference to our country’s education system!