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Our Services

Services Offered Including the ECCE Scheme

Our Work for Educationists

Our Work for Parents

Courses for Parents

Parent involvement matters a lot in a child’s educational journy. We are offering two courses for parents:

  • My Jolly Phonics
  • My Urdu

Our Work for Children

School Management

This course is specifically designed for the administrators from schools ,academies and learning centres. In this course following areas are covered.

  • School management
  • Professional development strategies
  • Curriculum development strategies
  • Budgeting a school year

Our Work for Society

Education For All

Phonics Club has started many programs to support learners from different backgrounds:

  • Teacher Resource Centre
  • Roshni Maktab
  • Let’s read through synthetic phonics
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Adult Literacy Programs
  • Hotline (Language Clinic)
  • Let Girls Read Program
  • Reading for children with Learning Difficulties
  • Hotline

How Can You Help?


Whether you decide to take on a structured volunteering role as an individual volunteer or a group of volunteers help promote our vision on online forums, or distribute flyers and brochures from our volunteer kit, you will play an integral part.  No matter what capacity you choose to volunteer in, we thank you for supporting our mission to end educational inequity.

Become a Virtual Volunteer

If you are a social media person, have strong online networks, or simply have limited time to spare and want to get involved,  virtual volunteering could be the answer. We have noticed that much of the interest in education has been generated by our strong presence on online social networks. At this stage what would help us the most is if you could take the following actions:

  • Like our Facebook page
  • Spread the word about our work through your online networks
  • Encourage people to visit the our website

Volunteer Kit:

To request a volunteer kit containing brochures and flyers for dissemination on your institute or social circle, please email at info@phonicsclub.com

If you are passionate about addressing the cause of education inequity and possess excellent organizational and communication skills, this could be a remarkable opportunity for you to learn, grow and make a difference to our country’s education system!

Our Work for Specialists

Workshop Registration Form

Download workshop/course registration Form

Refund Policy

If PCL cancels a workshop you will get a full refund. Requests for refunds must be received within 5 working days of the workshop. • If you cancel a registration: - one day before a workshop, you will get NO refund - two days before a workshop, you will get a 50% refund - more than two days before a workshop, you will get a 75% refund

Our Courses

Phonics Club offers many programs to support learners around the world under the guidance and supervision of  accredited Jolly Learning Trainer and other world renowned educationists. 

  • Effective language instruction
  • Preschool enrichment programs
  • Corporate training
  • Phonics for parents

Distance Learning Programs

The on-line format of the course enables you to study whenever and wherever you wish. Content is divided into 3 modules. You may complete these modules in any order, but you must complete all five within three months.For the reflective assignment participants are expected to conduct crash training courses in schools of their choice and present schools analysis report /case study portfolio before training and after training.Participants are encouraged to interact with one another using the communication tools (forum, chat, e-mails) provided by Phonics Club. Active facilitation throughout the duration of the course provides expert guidance and feedback for all participants.

A number of activities and assignments, which invite critical analysis and a reasoned response, are interposed with the text in this highly interactive web-based course. On completion of the course, the participant will be able to download a certificate.We believe that this is, by far, the most up-to-date, comprehensive, convenient and cost effective distance learning course available in Pakistan, which also leads you to an authentic certification. We are sure that at the completion of the course our certificate holders will be equipped with the necessary skill and knowledge to teach in the pure Jolly Phonics way. You may either join an existing school as a trained directress / director or start your own House of Children and/or Home-School your children while being great mothers.Online sessions and webinars are frequently arranged for master trainers.

Tutoring Through Skype Webinars:

  • improve reading and decoding
  • achieve grade level
  • spelling success


  • stay in the comfort of home for sessions
  • no traveling,no distractions
  • online scheduling tool great for busy parents, can schedule 6 months in advance


  • a rare and valuable commodity in reading remediation
  • research shows that students who have a weakness in reading benefit greatly from one-to-one instruction
  • privacy is of great value to some children,  teen and adult learners
  • parents and coaches become partners in learning, they are present during instruction and learn how to help their child, student or partner
  • educational institutions can obtain additional one-to-one reading intervention services for students
  • we also provide an online system of support for parents and adult learners

Our Work for Educationists

Curriculum Planning
Evaluations and Assessments
Pilot Projects and Research

Our Work for Parents

Online Webinars

Our Work for Children

Jolly phonics Beginner level for young learners
Jolly Phonics advanced level 1 for Kindergarten 1
Jolly Phonics advanced level 2 for kindergarten 2
Jolly Grammar 1-6 for Primary and Junior Level

Our Work for Society

Let Girls learn Initiative
Sound out Loud
Adult Literacy program
Urdu Phonics
Fun with Numbers

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