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We provide teachers with research-based classroom strategies to help build and strengthen literacy skills in their classrooms.We offer teaching tools and resources that are developed using modern teaching methodology. In addition to the literacy aspect of the  language, progressive elements such as the development of inter-cultural awareness & understanding is also an integral part of our teaching content. Our teaching method is designed to keep the student engaged at all times and we have kept the process of learning simple yet very effective.

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Orientation sessions are designed to develop an understanding between trainers and teachers.Our major focus is on developing long term professional relationships .Our workshops and training sessions are followed with an ongoing monitoring and mentoring of teachers and students during academic years.

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  1. Effective Language Instruction through synthetic phonics approach using Jolly Phonics program
    Essentials in effective language instruction

  2. Teaching children with learning difficulties.
  3. Modern Classroom Setup.
  4. Fun Mathematics.
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This course is specifically designed for the administrators from schools ,academies and learning centres.In this course following areas are covered.

  • School management
  • Professional development strategies
  • Curriculum development strategies
  • Budgeting a school year
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In this 10 day course you will look at four professional practices.This is specifically designed for our member schools.

  • Planning lessons and courses
  • Managing resources
  • Managing the lesson
  • Taking responsibility for professional development
  • Assessments
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Parent involvement matters a lot in a child’s educational journy. We are offering two courses for parents:

  • My Jolly Phonics
  • My Urdu
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Download workshop/course registration Form

[focus_text_nd color=”orange” title=”Refund Policy” description=”If PCL cancels a workshop you will get a full refund. Requests for refunds must be received within 5 working days of the workshop. • If you cancel a registration: – one day before a workshop, you will get NO refund – two days before a workshop, you will get a 50% refund – more than two days before a workshop, you will get a 75% refund”]