“Good teaching is far more about the process than it is about the content”

Phonics Club pioneered the research initiative for teaching of English language in early years through synthetic phonics approach using Jolly Phonics Program in collaboration with partner organizations for low cost public and private schools.

Our organization commands a team of highly qualified linguists and professionals, who are broadly experienced and well-versed in teaching of languages, we think that learning should be fun as well as successful. It is important to offer communicative and lively lessons in which the students practice all four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) and where grammar is fun filled songs and games.

Phonics Club Pvt Ltd is a registered organization dedicated to promoting the Synthetic Phonics teaching principles which empowers children to apply taught knowledge and skills to their independent reading,writing and spellings.This is achievable only when a teacher is having full confidence of knowledge .Phonics Club offers training ,support and consultancy to ensure effective language instruction .


Our Vision

Our vision is to improve literacy through many different programs and initiatives. We believe in making learners independent in their setups whether they are teachers, students or curriculum planners.

Who are we?

Phonics Club Private Limited was founded in 2015 and is an independent non-profit organization working to promote synthetic phonics approach in Pakistan


Phonics Club has trained many head teachers, teachers, parents and children. Had a measurable impact of radically improving reading and writing of children in 24 low cost schools of Pakistan.

Our Approach

Phonics Club is working to improve literacy through synthetic phonics approach using Jolly Phonics Program, a proven method of accelerated literacy teaching which is highly effective for all children regardless of their prior knowledge

Latest News

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